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Let’s face it, the U.S. manufacturing industry has experienced a few more downs than ups in recent years. But there are opportunities out there. Especially for people who are passionate about learning new skills and bettering themselves. This is a story of how GE partnered with community leaders to give a life-changing opportunity to a person like that.

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This Is Why We Work

This holiday season, more than ever, it's important to acknowledge why you work. All the days, hours, and minutes you spend working can contribute to something greater — something sweeter. We work for the moments; we work for the memories.

Why do YOU work? For this.

Jude Martinez

In rural Kentucky, local government is partnering with local organizations, including Adecco, to help train young people and provide them with new skills.

As baby boomers retire, closing the vocational skills gap by training Millennials and Gen Z through apprenticeship and internship programs is more important than ever.

Watch this video to learn about Jude's story, and how Adecco's apprenticeship program is helping to set him up for success.

The Lemonade Stand: Do you remember your first job?

Did you ever set up a lemonade stand when you were a kid? Do you remember how excited you were when you got your first customer? Even though you learned that work can be hard, you also learned it can be really rewarding.

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