Maintaining a High Level of Service to Your Business

In light of today’s ongoing uncertainty, our approach to the pandemic continues to evolve and adapt. We’re committed to ensuring the well-being of our employees and customers, while maintaining a thriving and active workforce.

We are working with our clients on a case-by-case basis to implement actions and procedures that will minimize risk of exposure in accordance with the standards set by the CDC and the OSHA. In addition, we are regularly communicating with all of our employees to provide them with up-to-date information, resources, and guidelines on how to avoid contracting communicable diseases and ensuring that these standards are adhered to at all of our worksites.

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Emphasizing Flexibility and Scalability to Meet Your Needs

In such a tumultuous time, it’s critical that we remain as flexible and scalable as ever from an operations standpoint, in order to match your permanent and temporary staffing needs. We understand that your business may now be more prone to peaks and valleys in contingent labor demand, and we have pivoted to accommodate this new dynamic. Our primary focus is to ensure that our client-services teams are fully immersed in your daily operations and able to efficiently serve you. Our secondary focus is to continue to grow our talent pools not only for today, but also for the day that COVID-19 becomes a dwindling threat.

COVID-19’s Effects on Each Industry

While COVID-19 has negatively affected certain industries, such as luxury retail, hospitality, travel, etc., we have identified several industries, verticals, or lines of business in which COVID-19 has triggered a need for labor.

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    Retail and Consumer Goods

    Empty store shelves mean consumers turn to online ordering, requiring retailers to hire personnel in processing, packaging, and delivery.

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    Call Center and Customer Service

    Stressed consumers mean an influx of calls, requiring consumer goods and retail businesses to staff up customer service reps.

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    Manufacturing Supply Chain, and Logistics

    High demand and unreliable supply chains have left manufacturing in a state of flux, requiring companies to invest in quality assurance personnel, line workers, and picker packers.

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    Pharma and Life Sciences

    The demand for medicine, research, and tests is up, requiring more lab technician talent than any time in recent memory.

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    Finance and Insurance

    Interest rates are being slashed and people are taking advantage, requiring more office admins, financial analysts, etc.

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    AB5-Related Businesses

    Many people are opting to avoid crowds and stay at home, requiring more drivers to deliver food and other necessities.

Our recruiters are focusing on building deep talent pools for each of these. And we're working to virtually interview, hire, and onboard workers as seamlessly as possible. This way, you continue to gain access to the talent you need during this unexpected high-demand period.

For specific essential roles that we are currently focused on staffing across all industries, scroll through and click the images below:

Extraordinary Measures

You should also know that we have several measures in place to remain fully functioning across the board for the foreseeable future.

Area Sales and Client Relationship Management

Our sales professionals are able to stay connected with clients virtually across the board. All sales professionals are equipped with laptops, cell phones, and virtual meeting equipment to conduct business from anywhere.

Finance and Administration

Adecco’s centralized finance and administration systems are designed to remain fully operational at all times. Our teams are able to maintain full business continuity in this regard.


Adecco has an executive team of Adecco Group leaders who are responsible for closely following developments around the coronavirus and will ensure that we continue to do everything possible to keep our teams safe, healthy, and productive.

In addition, Adecco Staffing has a task force and governance model dedicated to responding to employee and client needs to maintain continuity while ensuring the safety of all.

Addressing Your Questions and Concerns

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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