Professional, Finance, and Insurance Staffing

The professional, finance, and insurance services industry is one of the economy's most important and influential sectors. Last year, we placed more than 40,000 associates across a variety of positions - from accounting services and human resources to office, call center, and professional roles. To fill positions requiring specialized professional skills, we have experts who find the right candidates with the right experience. We have the largest pool of qualified talent in the industry and, with our decades of experience, we're ready to support your staffing needs.

Professional, Finance, and insurance Staffing

Professional, Finance, and Insurance Staffing Solutions for Employers

Within the professional, finance, and insurance industry, we provide innovative technology-based solutions which enable our clients to flexibly manage their workforces and our candidates to flexibly manage their careers. Our extensive experience and our specialized recruitment teams allow us to source, screen, and retain the critical talent to push your business forward.

Professional, Finance, and Insurance Staffing

The Benefits

Adecco has over 60 years of experience in fulfilling staffing needs with a variety of clients across multiple industries and placement types. From providing C-suite executives to loan services and lockbox operations, to collections and customer service roles – we have the talent to support all your staffing needs. As the workforce and the way companies operate continue to change, it’s vital to have a staffing partner with the breadth of expertise and cutting-edge recruitment technologies to fulfill your talent needs.

Custom Workforce Solutions

Regardless of the current or potential scale of your staffing needs, we will build a custom solution with flexible and agile processes that support your business and ensure your goals are met.

Adecco Analytics

We provide our clients consultation, support, thoughtful analysis, and recommendations backed by real-world trends and real-time data.

Specialized Recruiters

Our recruiters specialize in your industry and nothing more. They understand how to navigate changes in the field, so you have the benefit of tested experience and knowledge on your side.

Advanced Technology

To better recruit and hire, we use artificial intelligence to mine our mountain of data on talent, hourly wages, salary figures, and more. We also implement remote hiring practices to decrease time to hire.

Proactive Recruiting

Our response to your request – no matter the size – will not be a scramble to find talent. We continually recruit experienced talent and connect you with proven, already vetted professionals.


More and more job candidates need training to fulfill the demand for technical skill sets. Our Adecco's Aspire Academy offers them FREE learning opportunities to upskill, reskill, and cross-skill for their future roles.

Rapid Turnaround

Our proactive recruiting and centralized talent hub allows us to quickly connect hundreds of candidates with you. Adecco's reach creates prompt delivery of services whenever and wherever it's demanded.

Staffing Solutions that Scale

Our high-touch programs range from onsite services to master vendor programs and beyond. We work with our clients to craft the solution that fits today’s needs and achieves tomorrow’s goals.

Some of the Professional, Finance, and Insurance Staffing Jobs We Fill:

Professional, Finance, and Insurance Placements
  • Accounting Services
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Collections
  • Customer Service
  • Executive Assistant
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Legal Support Services
  • Loan Services
  • Lockbox Operations
  • Office Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Project Management
  • Records Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Tax Accountant
  • Tax Preparation Assistant
  • Technical Services
  • Underwriting

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