Getting Pay Rate Right is Critical to Your Success

In today's economy, paying competitive wages has never been more important to your company's success and growth. Worker pay rates have been rising steadily and the competition for talent is now at its most fierce.

We take a data-led approach to analyze the total cost impact of hiring and speed to revenue for your company. If you’re looking to see how a particular job stacks up, enhance your hiring efforts, increase your speed to fill, or maximize your retention, our calculator is just the first step.

Using our Adecco Analytics platform, we can advise you on local labor market conditions in real-time to create real results like these:

  • Modeling decreasing candidate application rates to balance increasing pay, we advised our customer on a $2/hour change. The new pay rate generated 225% more applicants than prior weeks (and is still climbing).
  • We worked with an onsite customer in Memphis to increase pay by $5/hour (50%) and saw a 260% rise in applicants, a 70% increase in fill rates, and a 50% decrease in early turnover. Read our case study.

See more case studies below or use our chat feature to reach out to a live team member to deep dive into your market data today.

Why use the Adecco Salary and Pay Rate Calculator?

Adecco's Pay Rate and Salary Calculator replaces antiquated Salary Guides published once a year. It uses data collected from the thousands of job postings, pay rates, and salaries for positions we fill throughout the United States each year as well as data from our sister brands in the Adecco Group and trusted and validated third-party sources.