What to Expect from Adecco Client Onboarding

During your onboarding process, we minimize complexities and maximize efficiencies.

You need talent and we provide talent. That part is simple. What's a bit more complex is onboarding your company as our client. There are many moving parts and factors to consider, including the agreed upon service, scope of service, human resources, data, and technology.

For Large Organizations (50 to thousands of employees needed)

Whether we’re becoming your first staffing partner, starting as your exclusive staffing partner, or are called upon to manage your multiple vendors, it’s critical to minimize complexities and maximize efficiencies for a operationally smooth and financially accountable beginning to our working relationship.

We accomplish this with the following five-phase implementation program.

Initiation > Analysis and Design > Execution > Control > Closure

Depending on service level, this program can vary in duration and resources, but it is generally run by a team comprised of six individuals or small groups of professionals.

  1. Project Manager
  2. Reporting Developer
  3. Solution Engineer
  4. Data Engineer
  5. Change Manager
  6. Corporate Shared Services

Members of this team have an average Adecco tenure of 14 years, so you’re getting seasoned professionals who can execute a plan, but also adapt and change course when necessary. They are fully responsible for every facet of implementation, including communication, scope management, change management, training, and monitoring and reporting – essentially becoming an extension of your business during this entire phase.

For Small-to-Medium-Size Organizations (less than 50 employees needed)

Whether we're working to find you two director-level professionals or to hire three-dozen call center temp-to-hire candidates, we get to know you, your business, and your talent needs. We even strive to understand your culture, so we can not only match you with the right skills but also with the right personalities.

For small-to-medium-size organizations, the implementation program and service team are similar to our aforementioned large organization setup. Again, both will depend somewhat on the service-level agreement.

However, there are two primary differences when it comes to staffing small-to-medium-size businesses that could be part of your client relationship with Adecco.

1. Smaller, local teams

For our large enterprise clients, it’s often necessary to have Adecco staffing experts on site, as well as an equally large national presence supporting them. For smaller clients, less costly local support is more than sufficient; not to mention, our local teams know their (your) market like the backs of their hands.

2. Higher level of exclusivity

For our Direct Hire staffing services, we must frequently dedicate a higher level of resources to finding top talent for manager, director, and C-suite roles. In fact, there are client relationships in which we have a team dedicated solely to their talent needs.

It is worth noting that our small-to-medium-size solutions cover a wide array of talent, including both temp and perm workers, so you can expect your experience to be quite customized when you partner with Adecco.