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Career Coaching with EZRA and Adecco

How can I retain and develop my talent? How do I inspire my team to think differently? What can I do to make my department more inclusive?

Getting 1-on-1 career coaching might be impossible for most, but Adecco’s partnership with EZRA (an Adecco Group Company) puts that within reach for today’s workers and supervisors. Through our platform, we connect the right coach to the right worker, whether they’re a new hire or seasoned professional.

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Why Coaching

  • 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers
  • 86% of people would switch jobs for a company with more professional development
  • 14% of employees quit their jobs to pursue career development

Our Results

  • ↑22% in retention for candidates who go through coaching that drives personalized engagement
  • 58% of line managers observe substantial improvements in the team performance after a coaching program (EZRA Impact Lab)

What is EZRA?

EZRA brings individual and personalized coaching to associates’ phones and laptops. The program is easy to use, so workers get to virtually meet with certified coaches on their schedule. Coaches even stay plugged in outside of sessions, sending articles and ideas – and building strong relationships with workers and allowing continuous self-development. For employers, EZRA can be a critical tool to improve their onboarding, retention, performance, and employee engagement. EZRA is 5 times more affordable than traditional coaching and without administrative complexity, therefore it is made for everyone, not just for executives.

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Focus Areas

Management & Performance
Change & Transformation
Diversity & Inclusion
Culture & Well-being

Set goals for your company

As the employer, you customize the coaching, so it matches with your strategy and team needs. By building the goal framework first, you can focus on the structural changes you need to see across your company.

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Employees sign up

Associates can go within your framework and find what program speaks to them. They simply need to log in, pick their goal, choose their coach, and meet with them. Then they can track their success – and rate what they’re finding useful.

Track your team’s progress:
You can track your individual workers’ engagement and development against your customized development frameworks. You’ll also be able to see your organization’s progress as a whole.

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Transform your company culture

EZRA isn’t just about checking boxes or completing a session. It’s about taking time to reflect and practice new, smarter life strategies. As you track their progress, you can watch as your employees feel more confident and grow.

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