Data is our differentiator

Our approach to workforce management needs real-time visibility into today’s global market and workplace trends.

Data is our differentiator infographic

We believe in actionable data and current market intelligence that drive tangible results. With Adecco, you’ll find easy-to-use, predictive tools and calculators to make informed decisions. Learn more about how our data insights can lead to high-quality candidates and intelligence-driven business decisions.

Our analytics toolkit

Market intel infographic

Market intel

Understand market trends, current supply and demand, competitive pay rates, demographics, and other data points impacting hiring.

Candidate pipeline infographic

Candidate pipeline

Get an at-a-glance look at the candidates who fit your needs by filtering for location, experience level and more.

Cost of turnover calculator infographic

Cost of turnover calculator

Quickly predict how pay rate increases will impact your employee turnover, based on customer turnover data and market conditions.

Customer scorecard infographic

Customer scorecard

Dive into trends and forecasting by exploring historical spend, headcount, billable hours, turnover and other market data.

Engagement tool infographic

Engagement tool

Measure associate satisfaction and identify areas to improve worker experience, onboarding and safety.

Icon data is core

Data is core.

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Insights through innovation.

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Analytics to action.

Data Ecosystem

Our data ecosystem expands beyond Adecco to leverage data from across The Adecco Group and third-party tools.

Quick Stats
100,000 clients
140+ countries
1 million+ active workers
1.4 billion candidate profiles
  • The Adecco Group Warehouse
  • Adecco North America Warehouse
  • 3rd Party Market Data