Master Vendor Program

Productivity, efficiency, and performance: With Adecco as your primary staffing vendor, you’ll gain a high-impact staffing solution designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workforce. Find support on a local and national level in managing suppliers and navigating your field. That means you’ll have our industry experts to help optimize service delivery, contract compliance, strategic planning, data management, and more. Plus, you’ll gain access to today’s cutting-edge technology and a staffing partner who knows how to stay ahead of industry trends and changing markets.

Your program, now customized and optimized by us

Our Master Vendor Program is completely scalable. That means it can be adapted for what you need, no matter the size or scope. Since we first implemented MVPs over 20 years ago, we’ve managed hundreds of different variations, evolving and improving each program over time. You’ll always find the best administrative, supervisory, and systems support for your contingent staffing needs.

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Benefits of Adecco’s MVP include:

Talent fulfillment across skill sets

Executive reporting, trend analysis, and consultation

Client success management

Outsourcing and insourcing capabilities

Access to our Adecco’s national and global network

Corporate onsite, facility onsite, near-site, or virtual management

Supplier engamagement and management

Value-focused planning

Quality assurance and risk mitigation

Onboarding and off-boarding compliance

Success is a team effort

Your Adecco team will be on hand to support you through every challenge – from launching your staffing program to navigating peak season.

Implementation team

Develops best practices, processes, tools, and performance metrics to establish a staffing program tailored to your business

Functional team

Provides customized support and resources created by our experts in law, risk management, HR, information systems, and other critical specialities

Operational team

Works with local branches and approved suppliers for local recruiting, screening, placement, and other day-to-day responsibilities

Success Stories

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Central Order Management Deployed to Support A New Business Line
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Exceeding Demand for Contact Tracer Hiring
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How Program Details Create the Big Picture of Fulfillment Success

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