As the labor market evolves, so does Adecco’s approach.

Investing in Recruiting for Your Business

We constantly evolve our recruiting  strategies and implement new technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of talent sourcing. This ensures Adecco continues to efficiently find the right talent your business needs to remain productive and profitable. After all, we’re not here without your success.

There are number of factors, that determine our recruiting and staffing strategies and technological investments. Market demand is hitting record highs and workforce talent is becoming harder to find. Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure you have the necessary talent and workforce solution plan to meet business goals.

In response to this competitive labor market, here are some of the strategies we have applied and some of the technologies we have adopted to better service our clients.

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Tapping into Untraditional Talent Pools

By tapping into untraditional talent pools we can bring our clients a diverse workforce ready to get things done.

Partnering with Job Boards

We use programmatic technology to maximize our exposure on job boards at just the right time, in front of just the right candidates.

Designing Co-Branded Landing Pages

For clients that allow co-branding, we create dedicated landing pages that house all open jobs, perks, and important employment branding about their company.

Increasing Adecco Rewards

From discount programs to referral bonuses, we offer meaningful incentives that associates greatly appreciate.

Running Facebook Jobs

Adecco jobs automatically sync and post to Facebook Marketplace, one of the largest online marketplaces on the internet, increasing the chances that candidates are aware of open positions.

Spending on Digital Marketing

From social media to enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) job pages, we target job seekers wherever their personal and professional web surfing takes them.

Recognizing Post-Assignment Opportunities

We constantly identify redeployment opportunities prior to any associate ending their assignment at a client.

Calling Grassroots Blitzes

Across the country, our dedicated managers and recruiters are active in the communities they serve, making sure that the Adecco name is well know in our local markets.


Leveraging Automated Chat Bot

Our proprietary AI driven chat bot, Career Assist, saves back-office screening time, allowing us to spend time on only the most qualified job candidates for your workforce.

  • 46% average decrease in time-to-fill
  • 2.5x more candidates prescreened
  • Increased client satisfaction

Utilizing Our Applicant Database

We have the largest national database of job candidates at any time to promote jobs to, remarket to, nurture, engage, and more.

  • 15 million candidates in database
  • 2-3 days average time-to-fill

Offering Pay On Demand*

A differentiator none of our competitors currently offer, we can pay associates daily, making your job opportunities more attractive.

  • 1.9x more applicants
  • 73% of users more motivated to come to work
  • 41% average reduction in turnover
*Note: Pay on demand not available in all locations.